It’s almost New Year’s Day 2017. Starting a blog has been on my list for some time so here goes. It’s cheaper than joining a gym in January and I’d wager, more therapeutic!

New year 2017 issues welcome marching orders to a monstrous leviathan of a year marked by seismic world events. Last year, 2016, was challenging in so many global, political, social, personal and professional ways. I guess I’m not alone in wishing it good riddance and turning to writing to process some of my thoughts about it all. So that’s part of my impetuous for starting this tiny stream of data that will most likely be lost in the vast internet ocean, but might have a sparkle or two here and there that floats to the surface, catching the attention of a few souls, similarly adrift.

There were so many moments when I jotted in a note book last year, but never got any further. Despite my love of beautiful stationery, I spend so much time on laptops and tablets these days that my handwriting is simply atrocious – another good reason to take the blog option. At risk of sounding like a teenager, an early personal hit for me of last January was the news of the death of David Bowie. The major cultural influence in my life, in so many lives of course, gone. Out like a light. Everything got faster, more urgent, better prioritised. And I got a bit braver. So, there will be more on that for sure. And on the arts, music, books, film, gardens, travel, personal projects and no doubt a few cats. It is the internet after all. There must and shall be cats.