This review is for: Angels In America (HBO) [2003] [DVD] [2004] (DVD)
Six hours of tv? What crossed my mind when we bought this was really how many boxed sets can one life stand? Well the first three hours of this will fly by and you might want to cancel all engagements in order to view the second. Launched with Al Pacino’s queen bitch lawyer Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s right hand man exercising his still potent power, for the benefit of the so far repressed, cherub faced Joe. Descending into the pit that was 1980s American indifference to and absolution of any response to the AIDS epidemic coursing through the nation’s veins, America slowly comes to terms with homosexuality and its public invisibility. Tony Kushner’s play is a masterpiece, dealing with America’s coming out and the confusion, fear and loss associated with a “pestillence” stricken generation. Watch, witness, weep and laugh with this ultimately life affirming, hallucinatory disection of individuality, interpendence, suffering, loss, love, life, faith, guilt and survival. Spectacular peformances – not least by Ms Streep in several roles including an ageing Rabbi – and Jeffrey Wright. Settle in and prepare to be awakened.

PS…Find our more about why Angels in America still matters and how timely it is that it opens in April at National Theatre. Nathan Lane plays Roy Cohn. Read his article here about who Cohn was advising in the 1970s. NT Live screenings nationwide and internationally. Link below